Winnipeg Air Conditioners

Winnipeg Air Conditioners

We could your Cooling and air-con contractors if staying cool and comfortable is your thing during Winnipeg’s hot and humid calendar months. Regardless of residential, commercial, forced air or ductless, we have the knowledge and service that you can rely on. Our 24/7 availableness make us your first and only call as it pertains to your home or business coolant system.

Air Conditioning Substitution Experts

As a local company, we live and inhale the hottest days and nights in Winnipeg. We also know that cooling systems don’t hold out till the wintertime to quit you. Whether it’s a forced air condensing unit or ductless divide, we can install quickly, efficiently and make it all affordable.

Did you know? Manitoba Hydro allows up to $5000 in funding to replace or add an air conditioning Winnipeg unit! Calculate your payments here

The very best part is we fill out all the required paperwork for you.

Air Conditioning Repair Experts

The Manitoba Ozone Safety Industry Association (MOPIA for brief) governs, the removal and purchase of refrigerants used to eliminate the hot humid air in your house. Without these regulations, there would be poor removal of coolant and chemicals into the environment. That’s why it is very important to acquire your AC repair done by a qualified and experienced journeyman. Plus, with 24/7 supply you won’t be sweating heat too long.